What is “Unsupported”?

Since we announced the existence of Bentang Jawa, we have received many questions about what “Unsupported” or “Independent” means. Actually this is not a new concept. Famous cycling events such as Audax/Randonneuring are among the pioneers that put forward the concept of independent / self-reliance cycling.

In simple terms, cycling independently or unsupported ride means that cyclists have to rely on themselves to complete Bentang Jawa route. This means that cyclists may not bring, ask for, or accept assistance from third parties such as friends, relatives, family, acquaintances, and local residents in any form. All necessities for cyclists, including clothes, spare equipment, water, food and medicine, etc., must be brought by the cyclist from the start of the race or purchased along the way.

Although it is undeniable that, in practice, interaction with local residents or acquaintances is still possible in receiving any assistance from any party, the basic principles of independence and equality must still be upheld.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is this assistance/facility provided because of my relationship with the donor? If the answer is YES, then the assistance violates the principles of independence and equality.
  2. Are the facilities/assistance I received also available to the public/other cyclists? If the answer is NO, then the assistance violates the principles of independence and equality.

The principles of “independence” and “equality” are the main values of Bentang Jawa, violation of these principles means that cyclist will be considered to be scratched from the competition.