Bentang Jawa

Bentang Jawa is an unsupported ultra cycling race and self-navigation across Java Island, which starts from west to east. Cyclists can ride as individuals (solo) or in teams (pairs). During the race, cyclists will be invited to explore the various beautiful and mystical areas in southern and central sides of the island of Java; along the coast, a series of hills, mountains, and forests throughout the five provinces across a distance of 1,500 KM with 16,000 meters of elevation gain, that must be covered in 156 hours.

For some cyclists, this will be an event that challenges their spirit of competition, but for others it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our documentary from the 3rd edition of Bentang Jawa might be a better in explaining the race rather than words. Sit back and enjoy!

PRAKASA: Perjalanan Ksatria Bentang Jawa