Who Can Join?

Bentang Jawa is open to all Indonesian citizens or foreign citizens residing and/or visiting in Indonesia, who are at least 17 (seventeen) years of age at the start of the race. Although it is a “race”, the Bentang Jawa route is actually designed to follow the spirit of adventure and exploration in cycling. Distance and altitude are not the goal, but a means to achieve the goal, which is to invite participants to enjoy the beauty of the southern coast of Java Island.

There is no intention of making Bentang Jawa the “hardest” or “most challenging” event, which may only be completed by the toughest athletes; however, there is an expectation that cyclists who intend to participate in Bentang Jawa, have had sufficient cycling experience and/or a reasonable level of fitness.

There is no definite limit whether a cyclist will be able to follow and complete Bentang Jawa. Here are some narrative that we can convey related to the matters.

If you are a cyclist who is comfortable cycling more than 150 Km and/or you are cycling > 250 Km in a week, then Bentang Jawa might be the next challenge for you. Likewise, if you are a cyclist who has participated in ultra distance sports/multisport event such as Ironman, ultra tail running, Audax 400, ultra cycling and/or frequently participates in endurance sport events involving long distance cycling activities.

If you have experience in other endurance sports, such as marathons, trail running, but has never or is just starting or rarely cycles, you may be physically strong enough, but ask yourself: Do you have enough experience and ability to ride in a busy and open public traffic?

Another factor to consider is whether you are someone who likes, enjoys, and can endure cycling in solitude. It should be noted that Bentang Jawa must be completed alone (solo) or in pairs (pairs) without any assistance from Bentang Jawa or any support team. If you’ve been cycling in groups more often or don’t like cycling alone, it’s a good idea to try before deciding to sign up.

Bentang Jawa is a challenging long distance cycling race that is sure to be an unforgettable experience, but we also recognize that Bentang Jawa is not for “everyone”. Bentang Jawa upholds the principle that cycling is a sport for everyone, regardless of their level of ability; and to become cyclists, we don’t have to go cycling for a certain distance, climb hundreds of meters, stay in the saddle for ten hours, or choose one “genre” of cycling.

As long as you ride your bike, near or far, and sharing the road or trail during the ride, you are a cyclist and we love you.