The Process Explained


Applicants for Bentang Jawa need to register themselves through our website within the registration period. Bentang Jawa team will conduct a collective and thorough selection process for all applications that have been submitted.

Applicants who successfully pass the selection process, will be announced through Bentang Jawa website and subsequently receive a series of further information to confirm their participation status in Bentang Jawa.

Bentang Jawa 2024 will have a total of 150 slots for both Individual (Solo) and Team (Pair) category. Team (Pair) category will be counted as 2 (two) individual slots per team. Additional total slots might or might not be added on a later date at Bentang Jawa discretion.

Beside honestly and accurately completing the registration form in its entirety, applicants may want to read the “Who Can Join” section to have better understand the basic requirements to register for Bentang Jawa.

We also encourage applicants to get familiar with, a government verified digital identity and digital signature platform in Indonesia. Should applicants pass the selection process, we will require them to sign a waiver form only using this signing method.


Bentang Jawa selection process consists of three steps that run continuously. It consist of:

  1. Basic Application Screening
  2. Quota based Lottery
  3. Lottery Announcement

Successful applicants will only be informed after at the third step. How Bentang Jawa Committee complete the screening process and perform the lottery is described in the following sections.

Step 1: Basic Application Screening

This screening is intended to assess whether or not applicants will be able to complete the Bentang Jawa route within the cut off time. Assessment is based on the applicant’s response to the question in the registration form. An applicant who is able to provide a clear and convincing description that they have physical fitness and riding skill (in an open road) to complete Bentang Jawa, will go to the lottery phase. 

While there is no exact equation/standard, in general we are looking for applicants that have at least completed Audax 400 (or similar event, or longer distance) OR long distance triathlon (140.6 miles and or longer) OR cyclists who ride >250 KM on a weekly basis. It is imperative that the applicant give their best effort in providing honest, accurate, and convincing description of their cycling ability.

As part of the process, committee will often check and validate all the information and facts provided by applicants, and if it is found that information provided is not correct, the applicant will be removed from the registration pool and not passed to the next step.

Step 2: Quota Based Lottery

Applicants who are successful in Basic Application Screening will go to a quota based lottery. Bentang Jawa 2024 will have a lottery quota, which then leads to the final 150 slots as maximum event capacity. Lottery will be performed per quota category as follows.

  1. Female Solo. No quota, meaning female riders who have passed Step 1 will be exempted from the lottery and added to the Candidate Participant List automatically.
  2. Previous Bentang Jawa Champions (1st male, 1st female, 1st pair) will be exempted  from the lottery and added to the Candidate Participant List automatically. Pair must register with the same pair to take this advantage.
  3. Previous Bentang Jawa Participants: 10-20% of the quota
  4. Foreigners (including KITAP/KITAS holder): 10-20% of the quota
  5. Pairs: 10-20% of the quota.
  6. ⁠The remaining slots will be allocated to the rest of the applicants through lottery.

Note for Pairs Applicants: Please make sure to enter both applicant information accurately and ensure that the partners agreed and ready to join the race. Riders are not allowed to change partner after successful application.

Step 3: Lottery Announcement

Once step 2 is completed (hopefully on time) we will announce the list of successful Candidate Participant List. Applicants will then have to proceed with registration fee payment and submission of mandatory supporting documents (Waiver Form signed using by both applicant and their next of kin, and a valid proof of active insurance coverage) to confirm their participation in Bentang Jawa 2024.

Slot is non-transferable and there is no wait list.

Applicants who have successfully confirmed their participation status will be listed in the BENTANG JAWA 2024 PARTICIPANT LIST.

Sponsorship Slot

Applicants submitted by Bentang Jawa sponsors will have a separate quota from the lottery, thus they will not take up the lottery quota.

Nevertheless the rider is subject to Basic Application Screening just like any other applicants.

Riders from Sponsorship Slot will be added in Selection List aligning with individual sponsorship contract terms.