GRAVENTURE is a self supported/self sufficient ride based on a route designed by GravelGravelan crew, and hosted by Bentang Jelajah Nusantara.

The 3rd edition of GRAVENTURE will be held on 24 and 25 February 2024. The route stretches for around 70 km with 1.000++ meters elevation gain, providing riders with beautiful scenery and interesting challenges all over the course. The exact route will be shared closer to the event date.

This is our way to share our most favorite road/trail and sceneries to be enjoyed by yourself at your own pace and time. If you like to enjoy it the way we enjoy it, we may give you a complimentary patch as a sign of accomplishment.

Lastly, unlike the previous edition where registration is free, entrance and route to GRAVENTURE #3 can be obtained by purchasing an exclusive GRAVENTURE #3 cycling cap, made by our friends and partner Only limited caps produced for this event, and will not be sold as separate merchandise.

Now before you get overly excited, read below carefully.


We designed GRAVENTURE during Covid back in 2020 to minimize and eliminate crowding, close and physical contact as much as possible while encouraging riders to ride outside, as such these become tradition and customs of the Graventure:

  • There is no start time or finish time, so that people can choose their own preferred start time and not grouping and crowding at start or finish point or pelotoning during the ride.
  • We provide two dates so you can choose and further minimize crowding
  • There is no checkpoint or drink/energy station so that people don’t crowd waiting to be checked or queueing for food/drinks.
  • We limit GRAVENTURE #3 capacity up to 190 riders to avoid crowding. With the route design and topology, its close to impossible for rider to accidentally crowding or forming a big group ride, unless by intention, which is not align with the spirit of adventure.

We believe that if we truly enjoy riding our bike and adventure, we don’t need loudspeaker, MC, start/finish gate or medals, uniformed jersey, peloton, road captain or voojrider. You can just go out, ride, and have fun. That is the spirit of GRAVENTURE.

Now we got that going, understood and accepted, and if you are still excited, lets continue.


  • By registering and participating in GRAVENTURE #3, participants automatically agree to GRAVENTURE PARTICIPANT WAIVER STATEMENT which can be read here.
  • Participant must have Ride With GPS (RWGPS) account. RWGPS will be used by participant to gain access to GRAVENTURE #3 route, and used by us to validate the ride afterwards. If participant ride using bike computer, the ride must be synced to their RWGPS account.
  • Participant must use provided live tracking to be able to claim Top 20 Finishers GRAVENTURE #3 Exclusive Patch.
  • THIS IS NOT A GROUP/PELOTON RIDE ! You can ride individually or in small group (2-5 people) to avoid overcrowding.
  • This is a self / voluntary ride, you will take responsibility for your own safety and well being.
  • Safety first, always wear a helmet, observe traffic rules, be polite and considerate to other riders, road users, villagers, cows and any other animals that you will encounter through out your ride.
  • Self navigated, no road sign, mark, or marshals.
  • Self supported, no water station, no medic, no evacuation car, no external support vehicle too.
  • No littering!!!
  • We may tweak / modify the rules as we see fit and we will let you know when we do.


Secure your GRAVENTURE #3 slot via KUYY! app starting 2 February 2023 until 18 February 2024 or maximum capacity of 190 participant has been fulfilled, whichever comes first. Registration is not refundable.

KUYY! app is a free app and available for iOS and Android.

Although KUYY! app is also accessible via desktop browser (and functioning almost the same as the app), we highly recommend you to install the app on your mobile phone as its notifications only works as it intended to be on a mobile phone, not destkop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All official communications / announcement for registered participants will be made available via GRAVENTURE #3 event chat group in KUYY! app.

Why does GRAVENTURE #3 no longer free? In the past the free slot were getting abused by some. People registered en-masse but didn’t actually ride during the day, taking the slot away from people who actually wanted to ride. So we change the game a little bit.


All confirmed participants can collect their event pack between 20 February 2024 – 25 February 2025 at CYCLO INC on weekdays (Tue – Fri, 09.00 – 17.00) and weekend (Sat-Sun, 09.00 – 15.00).

Event pack will consist of GRAVENTURE #3 Cycling Cap by and HisErha Men’s Care product.


Yes, GRAVENTURE #3 will have live tracking, provided by BJN powered by RACEMAP.

Participant mobile phone will be used as tracking device, so make sure to download and install RACEMAP free app, available for iOS and Android.

More detail and technical info regarding live tracking will be communicated via GRAVENTURE #3 event chat group in KUYY! app.


GRAVENTURE #3 Exclusive Patch will be available for Top 20 Finishers. To be eligible for claiming the patch, you must do the following:

  • Secure your participation slot via KUYY! app
  • Create “Ride With GPS” (RWGPS) account, and download its free app (available for iOS and Android).
  • Accept RWGPS Event invitation (will be sent via email). You will receive an email confirmation from RWGPS if your registration to Graventure event is successful. The route will be updated via RWGPS (no GPX will be sent separately), if you don’t have cycling comp, you can also use RWGPS free app to navigate.
  • Use the provided live tracking feature during the entire ride. Remember to turn on your RACEMAP app and activate your riders code in the app, BEFORE you pass through the START segment.
  • Ride the GRAVENTURE #3 course in one go on either 24 February 2024 or 25 February 2024.
  • For safety reason, Top 20 Finishers can only start after 5 AM and finish before 7 PM.
  • Take a picture of you and your bike (on the same frame) in KM 18,9 and KM 37,6. This is mandatory and act as additional evidence that riders needs to provide in order to claim the top 20 patch.
  • Complete the full course in 8 (eight) hours or less.
  • There is no fixed start time or finish time, so that people can choose their own preferred start time and not grouping and crowding at start or finish point or pelotoning during the ride.
  • Riding a bike with motor assisted pedalling or its kind, minibike i.e. folding bike/mini velo, is not eligible for a patch
  • Using car/motorbike for bike loading/move from one point to another will not be eligible for a patch.

We will announce the lucky 20 (or less) riders who will get exclusive one time only patch after validating all eligible participants, within 10 (ten) working days after the event concludes.


  • We recommend any bike such as gravel, hardtail, cx, touring that can take tire width >32 mm.
  • While using full-suspension MTB is possible, it is not recommended​ (because of its weight).
  • Our experience found that tire width between 35 mm to 50 mm (2.1″) with reasonable fast rolling knobbies is ideal for the route. We do not recommend slick tires.


GRAVENTURE #3 course is a little of mix from previous routes. While GRAVENTURE #1 is rated 3/5 for technicality and 3/5 for endurance, GRAVENTURE #2 is rated 2/5 for technicality and 4/5 for endurance, GRAVENTURE #3 is rated 2/5 for technicality and 3/5 for endurance. The preview below is divided based on the theme, feel and hardship experiences during the the route recce.

First Act – Like #1 and #2, #3 start at the unassuming road suburbs in Tangerang. Like before, you are encouraged to ride to the start segment, although if this is not an option, there are plenty of parking place nearby (within 5 km). Consider the first 30 km as some sort of appetizer, the route will take riders to the suburb and small village of Tangerang Selatan, Tangerang and Bogor regency, where most road are either paved in concrete, paving block or asphalt of various quality and several gravel sections. Follow the route closely, because there will be tight and sudden turns, and if you missed it, you likely have to climb to go back at the correct turn. In the morning the air is light and cool and the traffic is quiet, be careful not to spend too much time taking a picture because as tempting as it is, remember that this is just the first act.

The Bogs – These are series of savanna, dirt road and single trail that will test your patience and ability to navigate and adapt to uncertainty. The total distance is short, but you will spent a lot of energy thinking, wondering, and trying hard to stay on the saddle and on the right course.

The Hill – Enough said. Oh except one thing, the descent is a little technical, so make sure you have a good brake and tire. Brake frequently and manage your speed accordingly.

The Memories – These routes are classic and favorite among the GRAVENTURE committee. It supposedly familiar amongst TangSel adventurer, but in our last visit there we didn’t encounter any cyclist, and the road is still the way we remembered it, hard, tough, and wet.

Last Act – By now, you have completed over 80% of the course, your hand probably aching after tacking kilometers of makadam filled route and your thigh probably tight from climbing over 1.000 m elevation gain thus far. So we tried to make its easy, 10 km of wide road (minimal traffic) and reasonably ok surface, before turning left and heading back home to finish segment. Remember that this is the last part of your adventure, soak in your experience, say hi to other riders, smile and enjoy the victory ride home.


  • Start early to take benefit of morning cool, 6 A.M. start is ideal.
  • Plenty of chain minimart along the route, but try to spend your money on local “warung” or shops – they usually have those delicious childhood snack that will take you back to good old time memory lane.
  • – We tested the route with tire width 35 – 40 mm. All are ok, obviously the wider the comfier and also heavier. You may get away with wide (>40 mm) slick, but the narrower your tire, you gonna kneed some knob.
  • Ensure you follow every section of the route unsupported and no short cut, we created SECRET SEGMENTS to validate your ride….so we will know.
  • Remember to complete the ride by completing the START and FINISH/END segments to have your ride properly recorded and validated.