Live Tracking

Bentang Jawa uses RACEMAP as a live tracking and race monitoring system.

  • Participants are required to use a GPS tracker device provided by Bentang Jawa
  • Participants need to make sure that their tracker device is active at all times during the competition.
  • GPS tracker inactivity for 12 (twelve) consecutive hours is considered to have resigned from the competition (scratched).

All GPS trackers need to be returned in good condition to Bentang Jawa crew at the finish point.

In the event that participants did not reach the finish point within the cut-off-time and/or not able to return the tracking device, they may send in the device to Bentang Jawa within the next 10 days. Organizer will provide a return address.

If the tracking device is damaged upon returning and/or participant failed to return the tracking device, participants are required to pay a compensation of IDR 1.500.000,-.