• Recommended type of bicycle: road/race/touring/hybrid/gravel bike, hardtail mountain bike, folding bike.
  • Not recommended type of bicycle: fixed gear with both front & rear brake installed, full suspension mountain bike.
  • Prohibited type of bicycle: e-bike, bicycle with any form of motorized power, tandem bike, and fixed gear without any brakes installed.

Mandatory Gears

  1. Helmet
  2. 1 (one) front light plus 1 (one) spare front light including spare batteries
  3. 1 (one) tail light plus 1 (one) spare tail light including spare batteries
  4. A minimum of 1 (one) bidon / water bottle
  5. Rain Jacket
  6. High Visibility vest and/or jacket
  7. Emergency Blanket
  8. A minimum of 2 (two) spare tube
  9. Mini-tools
  10. Hand pump, or any kind of portable pump

Bentang Jawa highly recommends that participants use high visibility apparels at all time, especially during dark hours (early morning and/or at night)

All mandatory gears will be checked during race pack collection.

If during the competition, any of these mandatory gear is found missing / broken / turned off, then participants will be deemed in violation of rules and automatically scratched from the competition.