Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unsupported cycling competition?

A cycling competition event where the cyclists must complete the route without relying on anyone other than themselves.

This means:

  • Food, drink, navigation, safety, health, and accommodation are entirely the cyclist’s personal responsibility.
  • All cyclists’ needs must be brought by the cyclist themselves or purchased from public service providers/public services such as hotels, inns, stalls, shops, post offices, bicycle repair shops, police stations, post offices and others.
  • There may not be any kind of support team, pacer, and/or vehicle, following participants on any part of the route.
  • Pre-arranged logistics by any means is not allowed. Some examples of pre-arrange logistics such as hotel booking before start time, sending out supplies to specific point within the designated race route, etc..
  • Not allowed to ask/accept assistance from third parties (friends, relatives, acquaintances).
  • Unsolicited assistance from local residents is allowed.
  • Visits from relatives, friends, relatives, acquaintances, communities during the competition are not permitted.
  • Bentang Jawa does not provide any kind of assistance.
Is there a difference between “self supported” and “unsupported”?

In the bikepacking community, the term self-supported/unsupported usually refers to the same thing, namely independent cycling, where the cyclist must complete the route without relying on anyone other than himself.

How does Bentang Jawa monitor and ensure that every participant complies with the rules?
  • Bentang Jawa will not be able to ensure that all participants will comply with the regulations.
  • Bentang Jawa will process all incoming fraud/non-compliance reports.
  • As an independent cycling event, Bentang Jawa hopes that every participant will uphold the values of honesty and integrity.
Am I allowed to accept offers to eat, drink, or stay overnight from local residents or other parties that I do not know?

As long as those offers are not previously planned or asked, then those are allowed.

In principle, cyclists are not advised to view local residents as resources that can be used, either in terms of accommodation, food and drink needs, or repairs. Unless, the service is offered in a commercial form, for example: stalls, workshops, homestay, or inns.

Can I ask/accept help from other cyclists?

Yes, as long as the cyclist is also a Bentang Jawa cyclist. But keep in mind, the cyclist in question is under no obligation to help you.

Can I be followed by a car or motorbike, even if there is no contact during the trip?

No, even though there is no contact between car/motorcycle drivers and cyclists, the presence of a vehicle that follows a particular cyclist, violates the principle of “self-reliance” due to the perception that there are “friends during the trip”.

Am I allowed to be followed by a media car like a private documentation team?

No, even though there is no contact between the documentation team and the cyclists, the presence of a vehicle that follows violates the principle of “self-reliance” due to the perception that there are “friends during the trip”.

Can I do service at a bicycle repair shop?

Yes, as long as the commercial businesses (in this case bicycle workshop) is also available for other participants. If the workshop is, for example, your friend’s workshop, which is specially opened for you, then it is not allowed.

Can I receive assistance from local residents, for example being offered a bed, food/drink, or bicycle service?

As long as the assistance is offered and not requested, the cyclist may accept the assistance.

What should I do if I want to resign and evacuate from a particular location?

Participants are responsible to find their own way to evacuate. The most common way is to head to the nearest city / village to find a car rental. In addition to this, please also inform the Bentang Jawa team regarding your intention to resign from the race.

If, due to one thing or another, I have to evacuate temporarily, to then continue the journey again, am I considered resigned?

No, it will not be considered as resignation, only if the cyclist continues their journey from the initial point of evacuation. However, if the cyclist continues from a different point, then this is considered a resignation.

Am I allowed to book hotels during the race?

You may NOT  book hotels before the race starts, except for hotel at start and finish area. This is to ensure that every participant, regardless of their economic ability, has equal access to hotels/inns during the race.

Are family/friends/relatives allowed to book hotels, restaurants, and perform other virtual assistance on my behalf?


Are family/friends/relatives allowed to visit me during the race or vice versa?


Am I allowed to use my mobile phone to communicate with my family/friends/relatives during the race?

Yes you can, and we strongly recommend you provide updates to your family/friends/relatives during the race. However, you may not ask for any form of assistance from them.

Am I allowed to spend overnight in the same room with my family/friends/relatives that has arrived earlier?

No. This kind of practice is against the principle of independence and equality.

Am I allowed to stop by my/family/friends house during the race for refueling, bike repair, etc.?


Am I allowed to send supplies (food/clothes/tools/etc.) to the hotel where I will stay during the race? 


Am I allowed to send out / leave any supplies that I won’t be using anymore?

No, unless the particular item is indeed damaged and cannot be used even as a second hand item. For example, throwing away a punctured tube is allowed, while sending your dirty laundry back home is not allowed. 

Is it allowed for drafting with other participants?

No, it is not allowed. Bentang Jawa defines the minimum distance between each participant (that are not in one team) as 20 meters. 

During the race, am I allowed to ride in a group with other participants?


Riding in groups in any form during the race will be considered a violation of independent cycling principals. Bentang Jawa team realized that in long distance cycling, there will be some instance that a cyclist who travels at a similar speed will often unintentionally create “a group”.

However, intentional effort to ride together, coordinating a specific point to rest amongst participants, is a form of team work which violates race rules. If a participant does not have enough confidence yet to participate in the Individual (SOLO) category, please do yourself a favor by registering in the Team (PAIR) category.

Am I allowed to share accommodation with other participants that are not my team members?

Yes, as long as it was not intentional or planned.

Are there cut-off-time for every checkpoints?

Yes there are cut-off-time at checkpoints

What would happen if I arrived late (or very late) at the checkpoint?

You are not able to validate your brevet card. Participants who arrive late at the checkpoint may continue to complete the route but will be excluded from General Classification and leaderboard. 

If I win the race, what kind of reward do I get?

Bentang Jawa is not committed to giving prizes for the winners of the competition.

Why does Bentang Jawa ask for a GPS file / Strava log?

This will be used as additional information to validate whether the cyclist completes the race course according to the predetermined route within the allotted time and complies with the agreed rules and regulations.

If I get into an accident, what should I do? 

Please head to the nearest medical facility, contact your emergency contact and insurance provider, and inform the Bentang Jawa team. We will also try to contact your next of kin if this has not been done.

What kind of insurance do I need?

Insurance that covers personal accident, medical expenses/offers, emergency assistance, medical evacuation and personal liability. It is usually offered in the form of “travel insurance” by various insurance service providers. Bentang Jawa strongly recommends participants to consult with the insurance company of their choice.

Why do I have to pay a registration fee for an “unsupported/self supported” event?

Even though the event is “unsupported”, there are costs that Bentang Jawa spends on planning and executing the Bentang Jawa event. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Website subscriptions and maintenance (server, domain, etc)
  • Race course map and live tracking system subscription.
  • Production of race pack materials (cycling caps, brevet cards, etc.)
  • Logistics for all Bentang Jawa crews and volunteers on duty during the event, from start point to finish point, including any checkpoints in between.
How much personal costs (other than registration fee) do I have to prepare for participating in Bentang Jawa?

The cost calculation will depend on your cycling style, here is an estimate of the total cost that must be prepared.

  • Transportation to Carita (start area)
    • Free (by using your own bike to go there)
    • Car rental from Jakarta, starting from IDR 300.000.
  • Hotels at Carita, starting from IDR 250.000 / night.
  • Cost during cycling along the route.
    • Hotels/Inns: starting from IDR 200.000 / night
    • Meals: IDR 150.000 – 250.000 / day
  • Hotels at Banyuwangi, starting from IDR 250.000 / night
  • Transportation from Banyuwangi (to Jakarta)
    • By air, starting from IDR 1.000.000
    • Car rental, starting from IDR 5.000.000,-
How will Bentang Jawa process and act on violations that might occur during the race?

Bentang Jawa will notify the particular participants regarding any reports and indications of violations via WhatsApp. Participants need to respond within a given period of time with any evidence to explain the indicated violation. The Bentang Jawa team will provide a decision after considering all information and evidence in hand.

What kind of penalties will be given for violations of race rules?

Penalties will be given in a form of warning, time penalty, and/or disqualification.

Can I appeal the committee’s decision?

No, the committee’s decision is taken collectively by the Bentang Jawa team and is final.